Billions of years ago an interdimensional battle between the Toric Wizardz, and greys from Proxima B raged in Alpha Centauri. At the height of the 1,000 year conflict the Wizardz supply of neutrinos was exhausted and they became increasingly desperate. During a raid on a supply gate near Rigil Kentaurus a legion of Wizardz suffered devastating casualties and was forced to flee to a near by solar system. Stranded on the third plant from the sun with no way open a particle door the Torics used an ancient form of alchemy to create a semi transparent wax. This material allowed them to glide into the sub atomic stream and back to Alpha Centauri. The remains of this conjuring where undiscovered until now....

But for real.

Wizardz wax is a price point, non fluoro glide wax for skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Each piece of wax is hand molded by Andy Parry in space.

Wizardz Wax